Sunday, July 25, 2010

Some War of the Worlds goodies I found on my hard drive this afternoon


ThirdBass said...

I love these, thank you!! The jokes are funny, and the articles are cool, it's great to read the promotional stuff from the time. I'm not sure about what Chaves is saying tho about a farmer who kept a warship in his barn for 35 years? Huh?? Am I forgetting some bit of dialog from the pilot? Or maybe it's a script change, or something from the '53 movie?

I love those reaction shot model sheets - I didn't even know shows HAD things like that! Is it what they use to make things like these Misfits of Science ones
where the overdrawn pics are clearly off of photos but are culled from separate poses? Which WotW ads made use of these?

The Ironhorse one looks like an action figure - now I want one!
Richard Chaves has said he would gladly license his likeness for them to make a Poncho figurine if they ever asked, so why not an Ironhorse one too while we're at it. :D
""Comes with everything shown here plus dress uniform, civvies, tomahawk, Battle Baton, and walkie-talkie. Jeep, helicopter and grenade launcher sold separately. Only from Hasbro.""

The Sultan of Sarcasm said...

I know some of the promotional shots were used in the TV Guide ads I would see for the series (the one with the aliens hands wrapped around the woman's face was an ad I saw for "Unto Us a Child Is Born").

Now, I remember nothing about an episode about a farmer who kept a warship in his barn for 35 years. Maybe that was a storyline that Chaves wanted for the series or something? In the conversations I've had with Herb Wright (and to a lesser extend), Greg Strangis and Tom Lazarus- that episode never came up. I do remember Chaves wanted to do an episode where the humans take the alien spacecraft and have interstellar battles.

I would be so down for a Paul Ironhorse action figure. Gimme some Advocate figures too while we are at it.

ThirdBass said...

"I do remember Chaves wanted to do an episode where the humans take the alien spacecraft and have interstellar battles. "

Hmm, that would've been really cool to see. Darn, if only there had been a REAL season two. I mean c'mon, the Blackwood Team flying 'round in one of the Alien warships, I'd PAY to watch a second season like that...

Ooh, Advocate figurines, yeah. Their suits would HAVE to come off, so you could have them in their true form too :D Hey why not a whole set - with Norton and a motorized Gertrude (""Batteries not included""), Harrison could have a teeny tuning fork (could it still make a middle C note at that size?), and some Gak-like substance for making your own Alien deaths. Of course they needed these back then, when I was younger and would've had time to play with them...

It's quite a testament to a show when you want things like merchandise - it means it has life outside of just the hour you sit in front of your telly. I find WotW just as compelling now as before.

The Sultan of Sarcasm said...

You could have had Advocate figures with them in the contamination suits and the Advocates in the deteriorating host bodies of the terrorists they possessed in the pilot. Just imagine a Katara or a Quinn action figure. The possibilities are limitless.

When I used to correspond with Herbert Wright, his tidbits of what would have come in season two and onward, makes me very bitter that things had to change in between seasons. There would have been interesting conflicts and twists that would guaranteed at least five seasons. But alas, it wasn't meant to be.

ThirdBass said...

Yeah, I just got up to the thread at ToLifeImmortal where you guys had tossed around ideas for action figures, good ideas. Katara and Quinn would be perfect! Those two are all shades of awesome. Of course, I've always totally dug Androids a lot. I love how WotW could, in a single episode, create these chars that you want so badly to see recur. That's good sci-fi when it can spark the imagination into thinking all about the back story for these chars and their races and planets. I just watched Elaine Griftos in an ep of Otherworld - fun to see her as a Human ;)

I too really wish we could've seen what the writers had in store for us with next seasons - waaah!!! Do you have written correspondence from Mr. Wright? I ask cos I'd love to hear in his words the future storylines they had planned.

Also I sent you a pm at youtube. I can't remember now if I asked any questions I'm waiting on answers for, but I did say yes to wanting to get the Virtual Seasons (and left my email addie for that purpose). Don't know if that pm came thru or if it got lost, so just checking.


Ironhorse: "You've been under Quinn's influence for a long time... How do I know you're not one of them."
Harrison: "Well, I could tell you a joke. But if you didn't get it - and you might not, Colonel - you might just shoot me out of spite."

Xasheron23 said...


Where did the artwork of the Mor-Taxan warrior come from?? That is phenomenal. I was hoping to find some pictures or drawings of the orignial alien prosthetics from the show. They never really showed the creature very clearly (I never understood why), and I loved that design.