Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Dr. Lohan- Or How I Learned to Ignore Pseudo Celebrity Drama and Not Give a Shit

I happened to read the news item that Lindsay Lohan was going to serve 90 days of jail (in some extravagant palace that is dubbed a prison most likely) and then 90 days of rehab, and the news actually gave me some twisted form of mild elation. I know, she's not serving time in San Quentin or anything, but these pampered celebrity types should experience some type of consequences for their nonsense. And Lindsay has had more than enough chances, so I feel no sympathy whatsoever for this girl. A guy who gets busted for a little weed and is on the wrong side of economic food-chain gets twenty years, so am I supposed to feel sorry for this celebrity who has time and time again thought her money could buy her way out of jail time?

I applaud that judge and I think he should go even further- and throw Kim Kardashian, Paris, Octomom, Heidi and Spencer, all reality tv stars and pseudo-celebrities and throw them in that cell with Lindsay and keep her company.

Give me the key. I'll make sure I'll let them out. You have my word. Scouts Honor. Too bad I was never a Boy Scout.

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