Monday, April 5, 2010

Give McNabb a chance

On Sunday, one of my close friends from Orlando called me up to congratulate me regarding breaking news concerning my beloved Washington Redskins. Being a Redskins fan, I expect only dismal news- so I prepared myself for the worst. My friend alerted me that the Redskins just snagged Donovan McNabb from Philadelphia in a sudden trade.

I was very pleased to hear this news because I've always had a soft spot in my heart for Donovan. I always wanted him to be a Redskin because I felt that he deserved to wear the burgundy and gold. I rooted against him when the Skins faced him but I always respected him. The guy is the total package- he's poised, has a strong arm, is a leader and can scramble. And he doesn't buckle under pressure. And for eleven years, the guy has had to take bullets from the crossfire.

So, I hope that Redskins fans will give Donovan a fair shake and not demand an immediate Super Bowl berth, because the guy has had enough grief in his career. Since he was drafted, the Philly fans shitted on this guy and booed him. He had to eat constant heaping bowls of crap from the Philly fans, the Philadelphia media and from T.O. and teammates during his entire tenure. And through it all, he maintained his class and composure when lesser players would fold.

Redskins fans around the globe- I implore you: Let's not walk into this season with high hopes. Every season we go into a season with high hopes and look at how well that turns out. Instead, I offer an alternative- enter the season with lowered expectations. If you go into a season expecting only the worst, it will make the great things so much sweeter. Go into the season expecting five wins at least- and cheer for Donovan. Make that guy feel wanted. I cry more for Donovan than I do for the Sarah McLachlan-themed ASPCA commercials.

I'm a long suffering Redskins fan, who pines for another Super Bowl win. We haven't had a good (let alone great) quarterback since Mark Rypien was our QB for the last Super Bowl victory. But, I think Donovan is a great addition and still has something left in him. Personally, I don't know if the Redskins will be playoff bound next season, but at least they will be competitive.

What I am happy for is that the Redskins finally have a quality quarterback who belongs with Washington. Who, in my opinion, always belonged there. So, I implore all Redskins fans, show Donovan some patience and don't turn your backs on him. This guy deserves a good football town and real fans that get behind their athletes. I'm glad Donovan finally is going someplace where he is wanted.

To all the naysayers, shame on you. The Redskins are the Hurricane Katrina of the NFL- it's going to take time for this time to rebuild. I don't expect any type of quick turnaround. But with Donovan in place, I can at least have faith in my QB's reliability and strength. And I think Jason Campbell can still have a career with the Skins and could learn from Donovan, if he chooses to stay and do that. That is entirely up to him.

Welcome to D.C., Donovan. I'm glad you finally have a real home.

The above video is a fine example of why Philly fans are complete assholes. Congratulations on running the one class act out of your town, Philly. Enjoy that Kevin Kolb action.

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