Wednesday, May 5, 2010

V may be the most predictable new series of the year

I'm a fan of the original V mini-series by Kenneth Johnson (although I'm more of an avid follower of the War of the Worlds series). I think what V did so well was great characterization that allowed the audience band together with these characters (and even like the few compassionate aliens as well).

I was excited when I heard ABC was doing a re-imagining of the original mini-series. The trailers looked promising and I was excited to see Elizabeth Mitchell in the cast (you had to love her as Juliet on LOST). I was thrilled to see a weekly alien invasion series on television again.

I cannot describe how disappointing this series has been. I guess it is for a variety of reasons- the main problem is that I could care less about any of the characters. None of these Fifth Column rebels are remotely intriguing enough to make you care about them. They're all paper-thin characters with no depth whatsoever. And if you seek character expansion in the aliens- forget about that. Anna and her lot are just as poorly characterized as their humans foes.

If there is an arc or some place that the writers are heading towards- I don't see it. It just seems like the weekly adventures of these four Fifth Column rebels (which how the aliens haven't squashed them as of yet especially knowing who they are- is ridiculous) and their constant attempts to stop Anna's nefarious plans. Someone throw in a fucking Mystery Machine and you got the Scooby Doo gang.

Although, the visual of Elizabeth Mitchell feeding Morena Baccarin Scooby Snacks is very entertaining. Sadly, more entertaining than V has been so far.

How predictable is V? My roomie guessed in the opening act- that the shuttle the Fifth Column shot done already had dead bodies in it. Thus, that eliminates any guilt that any of the characters had about taking innocent life. We fast-forwarded that episode and within 10 minutes, got the entire gist of the whole episode. That does not bode well for a show that is trying to keep viewers.

I still would like V to pick it up and prove me wrong. Unfortunately, it just seems like the show is stumbling along with no clear understanding of where this series needs to go. It makes me yearn for the original mini-series all the more.

In the meantime, fuck this new V give me Robert Englund, Jane Badler and some lasers anytime.

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