Saturday, May 1, 2010

The highlight of my week...

As I pour myself a cup of hot java this morning, I have to ponder on the highlight of my week. After thinking long and hard, I have to say that my highlight would have to be this crazy gentleman that I was speaking on the phone at work. Long story short, he asked for the CEO's address, so he can testify before Congress against the United States government. Apparently, there is a massive government conspiracy tied in to orbital satellites that are trying to kill this man. He informed me that he has contacted the FBI regarding this dilemma but states they are trying to kill him as well.

I honestly didn't know whether to get him off the line with me or try to delve deeper and purloin the rights for his life story. Fascinating man.

Secondly, I have to state- I personally hate talking on phones. The reason why I even place calls in the first place are mainly for business reasons (calls to my family being an exception), and after work where I have to talk to nimrods all day, I am frankly spent. The last thing I want to do is put a fucking phone near my ear. It's at the point where I just want to smash the nearest phone after work.

Cell phones are just harbingers of annoyance.

BTW, how could I not use a picture of the Lone Gunman for any comment about conspiracy theorists?

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