Friday, February 19, 2010

Greetings from planet Earth...

I felt the time was appropriate to finally start my own online blog. For the last several years, I've devoted all of my blogs to my myspace account. But, since myspace is officially going the way of the dodo, I felt I needed to post my pointless meanderings elsewhere.

Be forewarned, since I am a writer, I can be quite wordy. And by "wordy", I mean that a simple answer or point can be twelve paragraphs long. And my mind is so random I wonder sometimes how any human being can maintain some semblance of a friendship with me.

Alas, it's burden of being me. I have grown quite accustomed to these cursed character traits.

I am going to transfer all of my reviews (I did episode reviews for THE WIRE season 4 of 5, and assorted movie reviews) to this blog and post my observations/diatribes here from now on.

Hopefully, I won't make too much of a jackass out of myself. Then again....

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