Saturday, August 14, 2010

Some more War of the Worlds goodies I found


ThirdBass said...

Thank you for these! Keep 'em coming (if you find any more anyway). Always happy to see more WotW things :D

The Sultan of Sarcasm said...

I think I may have some more on my hard drive. I'll try to see if I have anymore. :)

ThirdBass said...

Hi, Sultan

Wanted to let you know that the Richard Chaves fansite
has been updated and expanded, and it has a fan forum now too. If you have anywhere that's related that you could put a link (to either the fansite or the forum or both) Lynda and I would appreciate it. Thanks!

Also thank you again for putting up that Ironhorse model sheet (it quickly became one of my fave pics) - I used it to make my avatar at the forum.

We've started an RPG thread as well, a crossover of Predator and WotW (set after the movie and after 'Angel of Death'). Do you want to join in? You could write the scenes from the Aliens POV - I know how much you like them. Or you could make Xana your own 'locked character' and be in control of all her dialog.

Xasheron23 said...


I LOVE the WOTW stuff. Very, very cool. I was a huge fan of the show back when it aired. I bought the Season 1 set the day it was released, and I received the S2 set for Christmas.

I remember reading your virtual season stuff from the old website...very good work!

I was exicted to hear that you had talked to Herbert Wright at some point to get an insight into the future of "what might have been" on WOTW. I'd love to hear more about that sometime! I've also read on the internet that Greg Strangis had a writer's bible developed for the show. I'd love to get my hands on that.

I've been looking for the 2-3 minute "trailer" that aired before the premier of "The Resurrection" back in 1988....but haven't been able to find it anywhere. Tresure hunting WOTW stuff is fun, but hard.

Anyway, I'd love to talk / collaborate sometime. I can't think of anyone else that shares my love for this little-known series.

Ever read the JM Dillard novilization of "The Resurrection?" Good stuff...

All the best, and keep "Warin'"

ThirdBass said...

Hi, I wanted to post the new address to the Richard Chaves fansite (the verybaddogs one above is out-of-date now), here's the new one: